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Every day we see multiple astrology advertisements in newspapers. When they started losing hope and are defeated in their life, they start believing in astrology. The irony is that many fake people make this as their business. These types of fake astrologers are numerous in the market. It’s become very tough to choose the right one.

If you are reading this article, that means you are too in search of a good astrologer who will give the proper shape for your future. In this article, we will talk about the best astrologer in Nagpur. Nagpur is a famous and big city in Maharashtra. It is considered as the third-largest city in India. Population is around 28,93,000.

In this tough time, when the whole world needs support, you too require support who will guide you in your hard time and provide you solution on how to overcome your problems. In Nagpur, you will find various astrologers, but still, many people are there who trust the famous Astro consultant PT Rahul Shastri blindly.

Say goodbye to all your problems with the help of PT Rahul Shastri

Pandit Rahul Shastri was born and brought up in Jalandhar Punjab. His name comes in the top ten astrologers in India. Being the famous astrologer I. Punjab provides his services in Nagpur, Maharashtra too. That is the main reason he is popular as a vashikaran specialist in Nagpur too. He can help you with every problem of your life.

At a very young age, he has won more than 25 certificates in astrology. Got nominated for best astrologer in Punjab. He does multiple conferences all over India in Astrology. He had been to Nagpur multiple times too. Countless followers are there in Nagpur. Nagpur people consider him as the best astrologer in Nagpur. However, he does not stay there. Still, he provides all types of consultation online. Even he has many students too who are learning astrology from him.

The best part of Rahul Shastri is he has no demand like others. Even you, too, know most of the astrologers demand many things in return for their services. But Rahul Shastri is totally different from others. He has done proper studies for Vashikaran. If you really want to know what is exactly going on in your life, why your partner is no longer interested in your talk to the vashikaran specialist in Nagpur, get rid of all your problems.

How to come from Nagpur to Punjab

So this is especially for those followers of Pandit Rahul Shastri, the vashikaran astrologer in Nagpur.  Who wants to meet him personally but cannot come due to this pandemic situation. Now things are a bit better than before. Earlier it was impossible to go out, but now people take precautions and travel because of how many days people can sit inside the room. So if you are aware, then everything will be alright. Let’s have a look at how you can come from Nagpur to Punjab.

  • By flight

There is a total of three days by which you can come over to Punjab. by flight, train, and bus. There is no direct flight fr Nagpur. So you have to come from Nagpur to New Delhi by flight. The time duration would be for one hour, 35 minutes. The minimum cost of a ticket is 2140. Then again, take a flight to reach Amritsar. From Delhi to Amritsar, it will take 1 hour 40 minutes. Though it will be a bit costly if you want to save time, this is the best option you have.

  • By train

Do you want to meet a vashikaran astrologer in Nagpur?  Rahul Shastri, the Astro consultant expert, currently not traveling these days. So if you want to come to him, he will welcome you all the time. Apart from the flight, the train is another option to arrive in Punjab. You can reach to Amritsar I from Nagpur via train. It will take 27 hours and 15 minutes. Multiple trains are available; just Google it to get more information. The rate of train tickets are approximately 1580/-

  • By bus

The bus route is another option to commute from Nagpur to Punjab. As there is no direct bus, take a flight and come to Chandigarh. From Chandigarh, take the bus to reach Amritsar. This one is time taking. So if you have enough time then go by bus.

Traveling on a bus is one of the ways to reach Amritsar from Chandigarh. The total journey between Chandigarh & Amritsar takes around 3 h 40 m on a bus. The bus ticket price for the journey is approximately Rs.450.

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PT Rahul Shastri is a well known awarded astrologer of India. he is working from last 12 years at Jai Ambay Jyotish Research Centre. He is very dynamic and friendly by nature. He is also having a wast knowledge of Astrology. Rahul ji having 3852+ happy clients in all over the world.

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