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Love Marriage Kundali Prediction Astrology by Date of Birth

They say that Marriages are made in heaven. The almighty has already chosen a partner for us. We all know about the type of marriages​. Arrange and love. In arrange marriage, you marry a person whom you do not know; you meet him for the first time. So girls feel uneasy about this. But in love marriage, it is totally different. The couple knows each other from the beginning. So both are comfortable. This is the main reason why most people prefer to arrange a marriage.

Being a common man, we do not know whether we will have a love marriage or arranged. Here am astrologer plays a vital role. You can visit the astrologer who will make love marriage Kundali prediction. An astrologer is a person who will predict your future by palm reading and also by consulting your Kundali.

Consult an Rahul Ji for Marriage Prediction

Each and every single person have possessed different characters. In this internet age, you will find plenty of articles that describe human behavior and character. But here we are going to discuss astrology. A good astrologer can help you to deal with every stage of life. If you are planning to marry this year and want to know whether it will be love or arrange marriage, contact an astrologer, and no one is better than PT Rahul Shastri.

 Love Marriage Kundli Prediction
Love Marriage Kundli Prediction

He is the most renowned and famous astrologer in recent days. He is into this astrology for the last 12 years. For booking, visit the official website and call on the given number. The office address is Jai Ambay Jyotish Research Centre, Jalandhar Punjab. In Punjab, you will get multiple numbers of astrologers, but not all are reliable. PT Rahul Shastri is a famous name in Jalandhar Punjab.

Kundali Match Making

Astrology plays an important role in marriage. In Indian culture, people believe in astrology more than anything. Whether it is love or arranged, parents will go to the astrologer first to match the Kundalis of bride and groom. The Astrologer will calculate both the kundalis and come to a final decision. In recent days most of the boys and girls prefer to Love marriage. So they visit the astrologer for love marriage kundali prediction. As already mentioned, especially in the Hindu community, it plays a crucial role. The astrologer predicts the future. The Kundali matching revels the specific details about the couple. Whether they are compatible or not.

Love and Arranged Marriage Prediction Astrology

What is Guna Milan?

Guna, Milan, is very important for love marriage prediction by date of birth. When you come to the PT Rahul Shastri, he will match the Kundali or horoscope of the couple. He will calculate the health, nature, childbirth, and also sexual compatibility. These are an important factor in every marriage. Always remember marriage is a lifetime commitment. So do not play with this. So one cannot take this for granted.

Otherwise, if you find it later, it may be a bitter experience, and by that time, you won’t have any choice. So without giving any second, though, call to the office of PT Rahul Shastri Ji and book your slot. Love arranged marriage prediction astrology done by the astrologer. He matches the Kundali and reveals all the crucial details of the couple, whether they are the right choice for each other or not. Whether they are compatible or not. Guna Milan is the first stage to check the compatibility test. There are 36 guns you will find that need to be matched to check for compatibility.

  • Nadi: 8
  • Bhakoot: 7
  • Gana: 6
  • Maitri: 5
  • Yoni: 4
  • Tara: 3
  • Vasya: 2
  • Varna: 1

Hence the total number of Ganas is 36. Astrologer calculates the Gana for Kundali matching.

The basic requirement of Guna Milan

For a happy marriage minimum, 18 guns should be matched out of 36. The astrologer will do love marriage prediction by date of birth and match the Husband’s wife’s compatibility. If any of them have Mangalik Dasha, how it can be cleared. Whether the relation will stay forever or not, how strong it will be, health, and even sexual compatibility also. As already mentioned above, the main secret of happy married life is, your guna should be matched at least 18 to 25. Otherwise, it will be tough to stay happy together.


If you want to be happy for a lifetime, you must visit the astrologer. He will predict your future relationship. If you stay in Jalandhar Punjab and looking for a loyal astrologer, no one better than the PT Rahul Shastri Ji. Like another astrologer, he does not demand anything from his client. This is the actual sign of a loyal astrologer.

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PT Rahul Shastri is a well known awarded astrologer of India. he is working from last 12 years at Jai Ambay Jyotish Research Centre. He is very dynamic and friendly by nature. He is also having a wast knowledge of Astrology. Rahul ji having 3852+ happy clients in all over the world.

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